Quality taxidermy requires art, engineering, science, and countless other disciplines; but most importantly, it hinges on a passionate individual to put it all together. That’s one thing I do not lack; passion. I pride myself on being a student of our natural world with a penchant for all things wild. My academic, professional, and personal pursuits have always centered on the outdoors and these endeavors have manifested themselves as Frinks Run Taxidermy.

My formative years were spent exploring the shallow waters of Frinks Run in rural Northern Ohio and both a sense of adventure, and an eventual namesake, were cultivated. Born with an entrepreneurial spirit, I created Frinks Run Taxidermy as a twelve-year old child after harvesting my first deer; an eight-point buck. From that point on and nearly 20 adventurous years later, I have worked my craft unrelentingly in an effort to create the most exciting wildlife art possible.

I love wildlife; I love art, and I especially love taxidermy. I’m fortunate to be able to pursue my passions and I genuinely look forward to sharing those with you!